Varsity Football · Helmet Night April 9!!

2018 Helmet Night

When and where will this take place?

April 9th, 6:00pm, in the HRVHS Gym.  The spring is a very hard time to plan a night like this.  No doubt there will be some conflicts, but we tried to pick a time and day that would benefit as many people, and circumstances, as possible.  Attending is important to help with sizing and correct selection.  Athletes do not need to attend to lease/buy equipment.  Visit to lease/buy.


What is Helmet Night?

In 2011 a helmet industry certification policy changed and we lost a large amount of our inventory.  We offered a helmet leasing/buying option that helped us bridge the inventory gap we faced. The program has grown in popularity with around 50 of our athletes taking part in the helmet and/or shoulder pad lease option.“Leasing” a helmet or shoulder pads means you “rent” top quality equipment for the season, and then return it at the end of the season.


How is leasing or buying a helmet/shoulder pads beneficial?

It delivers superior equipment to our athletes.  It also allows our program to spend funds in other areas of need.


Do you have to lease or buy a helmet or shoulder pads to play?

No.  Every athlete that plays will be supplied with up-to-date, certified equipment.  Some families decide to participate for the reasons listed previously.


What if I am interested but finances are an issue?  

We have a way for athletes to earn money to put toward football-related expenses.  The cost of a lease is $105 for a helmet and $75 for shoulder pads, and this amount can easily be attained with the fundraiser we offer.  I will discuss the fundraiser in detail at helmet night.


Purchasing personal gear:  When purchasing cleats, gloves, sleeves and auxiliary equipment, we have team guidelines to abide by to make sure we hit the field as a united front, a TEAM.  We wear black shoes with minor accents (white, gray). Sleeves and leggings will be solid navy, black, or white (road games). We wear solid black socks for home games and solid white socks at away games. All other equipment will be either solid black or navy.


** Even if you’re not interested in leasing or buying a helmet, I will discuss some football related dates, share camp info, and answer questions about off-season/season dates and commitments.


Physicals:  Physicals are due for all freshman and juniors, or athletes who have not had one within two years.  If there is an opportunity for a consolidated community event, I will communicate that.