Hall of Fame Golf Fundraiser

Fundraising for football related expenses.

Football players can raise money to offset football related cost.

How it works:

Using the HOF form found under “program links”, and athlete can ask a business or family member to sponsor a hole at our annual Hall of Fame Golf Tournament.

The cost to the sponsoring party is $225.  They get the exposure at the Golf tourny and home football games.

The sponsoring party fills out the HOF form and writes a check to HRV Athletics.

The raised money comes to the school and is noted on the athlete’s account.

The athlete then determines how the money is used.. Linfield camp, Participation fees, Equipment lease, Buying shoes and other equipment are all possibilities.

If an athlete is going to Linfield, the first sale is worth $200 of the sale to their account.

Every sale after, or athletes not going to Linfield, $100 goes into their account.